EF Angels

Chairs: Chris Craig, Jeff Hendrickson, Roland Turck, Kathy Murray


For a list of Members, Chat, Resources (documents, videos) and Meetings please visit the following link: EF Angels SIG Page

What is

The EF Angels SIG is a group dedicated to sourcing high quality seed level startups for EF members to review, learn from, mentor, and invest in.  The SIG is made up of experienced C-suite executives who offer coaching and access to targeted contacts as appropriate, as well as potential investments.



To provide members with the opportunity to learn about angel investing, connect more deeply with one another in the course of discussing businesses and trends, and, when they choose, to invest in startup firms. 



The EF Angel SIG provides the following to its members:

• Learning and Honing Executive Skills - To gain experience in how to evaluate and invest in high-risk/high-reward situations. This is increasingly relevant for all executives in all industries, who are/will evaluate startup businesses. Every industry is being disrupted by new technologies and other trends.

• Creating awareness of EF members' knowledge and expertise - To contribute your specific expertise for guidance on business models, trends, growth planning and due diligence - which is essential to quality decision making.

• Expanding EF members' Network - With members of the EF Angels group on a regular basis, and with other NYC Angels groups. Increasingly, the EF Angels are invited to attend other angel, accelerator and incubator groups' meetings with startup companies and have developed a strong reputation in the Northeast; membership in EF Angels is becoming a recognized marker.

Meetings are bi-weekly calls on Fridays and, every six to eight weeks, a Pitch Day that provides opportunity for startups to present. (Members must be an "accredited investor" in order to attend Pitch Days). Location: BakerHostetler, 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY

For interested EF members, we ask that you please click on the following link https://gust.com/organizations/executive-SIG-angels and click on "apply for membership" button that leads you to a special site we use to share the startup firms' and members’ information.