Independent Career Track (ICT)

About Us

Co-Chairs, Jim Follett, Thomas Loughlin


For a list of Members, Chat, Resources (documents, videos) and Meetings, please visit the following link: Independent Career Track (ICT)

A New EF Career Track

The nature of work is changing giving rise to the “gig economy.”  Increasingly more C-level executives are choosing to transition from a traditional corporate career path to a career path that is largely independently created. This trend is often the second phase of one’s professional career and becomes a combination of professional activities e.g. Boards, Consulting, Non-Profit, Buying a Franchise etc.

The EF has recognized this growing trend and has formally established an initiative to support members discerning or participating in this new career track. The Independent Career Track (ICT) has been created to deliver programming and support that builds knowledge and skills as well as opportunities to network and develop relationships.

Scope and Leadership

This initiative will support four sub-career tracks.  The Independent Professional (IP) SIG will be formally integrated into the Consulting/Fractional Consulting sub-career tracks:

Programming Summary

The Survey completed in September 2017 indicated the members interested in this career track want the following type of support:


The leadership team is working hard to develop a website presence, content, programming support.  Stay tuned for progress updates.
In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to any one of us to learn more or how you can get involved!