Private Equity

Chairs: Allan Grafman and Tate Pursell


For a list of Members, Chat, Resources (Documents, Videos) and Meetings, please visit the following link: Private Equity SIG Page

What is

The Private Equity SIG allows interested EF members to approach and meet with PE principals.  It allows opportunities for EF members to network with PE companies as executives with the experience and skills required in their potential deals. 

The PE SIG acts as an adjunct to regular EF activities, providing a supplemental means of improving members' understanding of, and access to, PE-related opportunities.  It focuses primarily on the needs of MIT members, but also extends participation/involvement to Alumni members, as appropriate.  Working in coordination with the MIT Experience and/or Alumni Programs Committees, it also helps identify and secure resources and/or speakers which can be included in regular MIT and/or Alumni Programs, as appropriate.



"To enhance EF members' understanding of the Private Equity marketplace, and their ability to build relationships with PE principals."



The PE SIG will organize meetings for those members of EF that have, or wish to have, their career focus with private equity firms or PE portfolio companies. Membership in this Professional Growth SIG will be for those who already understand private equity, or are willing to invest the time to become knowledgeable in, and helpful to, both other members of the EF and the private equity community. Members will be expected to develop contacts and to assist in bringing these contacts to the group as guests.

Created and initially led by Tate Pursell, the SIG's committee composition will ideally be comprised of 2-3 MITs and a similar number of Alumni members (the Alumni being employed by PE firms or PE-owned operating companies).  The PE SIG will:

Meetings are scheduled face-to-face as frequently as possible at nearby locations in the Tri-state.  Meetings are typically scheduled for 1 1/2 hours to give enough time for Q&A, and for individual member interaction with the guest after the meeting.   Generally private equity principals, investment and commercial bankers are invited to speak to the group about their business, and why EF members should bring deals to them rather than to competing PE firms. A typical meeting format includes: