Women of the EF

Chairs: Mary Beth Leibig and Patricia Raufer


For a list of Members, Chat, Resources (documents, videos) and Meetings please visit the following link: Women of the EF SIG Page

What is

This SIG provides the opportunity to create relationships and facilitate connections in building professional networks through informal meetings and through partnering with other professional networks.



Our goal is to provide networking opportunities for the membership (both men and women) to build relationships by providing the time, venue and an informal setting enabling members to meet and socialize but without a predetermined topic for discussion.



This SIG provides a professional but informal atmosphere to meet in a social setting over coffee, lunch or drinks to enable members (both men and women) to build relationships, foster interactions and spend unstructured time together. 

Since EF events and MIT sessions are primarily targeted to specific topics with little time for informal networking, this SIG provides the opportunity to network and socialize in a relaxed environment. 

Although informal by design, the events focus on the gathering of professionals in a social setting for networking and include regularly scheduled meetings as follows:

In addition, to facilitate building and expanding professional networks with the objective of providing networking opportunities for the SIG members, partnership with other organizations are developed (i.e, Financial Women's Association (FWA), JustWomen events are also being explored).